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Преподавание иностранных языков

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Добавлено: 2018.07.03
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Осипова Галина Геннадьевна, учитель иностранных языков

Цели урока:

Задачи урока:

Оборудование: карта Ямала; текст для чтения “My native land”; созданные учащимися рекламные буклеты; картины и фотографии на северную тему; книга «Пуровская земля».

Ход урока

I. Приветствие.

Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls!

Students: Good morning, teacher!

Teacher: I’m glad to see you. How are you today?

Students: We are well, thank you.

II. Сообщение целей урока учителем.

Teacher: Today we are going to tell about our native land. Every year a lot of people visit Russia. Foreigners come to Russia and in particular to the North to learn about our traditions, culture and take part in different celebrations. There are a lot of guests at our lesson today. Imagine that they are from different foreign countries. You have to persuade them to visit our native land.

III. Речевая подготовка.

Teacher: What is the best way to see a country? Advise your foreign friends about some ways of travelling to Yamal.

Student 1: The people can travel by train from Moscow. It takes 3 days to get our region.

Student 2: I’d recommend travelling by plane. It takes only 3 hours to get Novy Urengoy from Moscow.

Student 3: I’d like to advise travelling by car from Novy Urengoy to our village.

Teacher: So, there are different ways of travelling to our region. Yamal is one of the most northern and interesting places to visit.

IV. Чтение текста с целью детального понимания. (Учащимся предлагается текст краеведческого содержания).

Teacher: I think that before planning а trip foreign friends would probably like to get some information about the place and the people they will visit. I advise you to read a text. Be attentive and try to get as much information as possible.

Our native land

We live in the Far North of our country, in the Purovsky region. The Purovsky region is well known in Russia. It is rich in different mineral resources, such as gas and oil. This region takes one of the leading places in their output. It is located in the central part of the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district. Nearly a quarter of its territory is behind the Arctic Circle. The winter lasts nearly over 7 months there. It is very cold in winter and not hot in summer. The area of the region occupies 108 thousand square km.

The leading gas and oil extraction companies are “Noyabrskneftegas”, “Urengoygasprom”, “Tarkosaleneftegas” and “Novatec”.
The capital of the Pyrovsky land is Tarko-Sale. It was founded in 1932. Tarko-Sale is an important industrial, political and cultural centre of our region. Today it is a modern town with a population of more then 20 thousand people. There are comfortable schools, kindergartens and other buildings there.

The most northern territory of the Purovsky region is a national settlement Samburg. It is located on the river Pur. Samburg lies on the tundra zone. The main activities of the native people -the Nenets- are the reindeer breeding and fishery. The Nenets have got a particular mode of life, they are nomads. They have their own traditions and customs. People’s wearing and dwelling are also different.

Teacher: So, you have read the text and I would like you to answer some questions.

V. Презентация проектов. (Проекты учащихся демонстрируются на экране)

Teacher: Well, many foreigners come to Yamal to learn about unusual traditions and take part in celebrations. Our students have prepared some projects and now they are ready to present them. At first, let’s listen to Necheyka.

Project “The Day of the reindeer breeders”. (Приложение 1)

Necheyka: Dear guests! Have you ever seen a national holiday of the northern people? Then I invite you to our great annual holiday – the Day of the reindeer breeders. It takes place in early spring. There are a lot of fun, games and songs on this day. The festive walking of the people starts in the morning. Well-dressed men and women are gathered at the club square. Families show their beautiful national clothes. The reindeers are harnessed very well.

You can see chums near the club. Every guest is invited into the chum. The chum hostess is very hospitable, she entertains to there guests with hot tea and offer them to try fish or meat.

On this holiday people sing national songs, tell poems and dance. Everywhere you can see guests from other towns and settlements. They came to visit their relatives and to celebrate this holiday together with reindeer breeders.

If you go to the club you can admire some exhibits. There are toys from the reindeer pelts, various items from wood and beads. You will be impressed by the handmade wares. The most interesting competitions on this day are the races on reindeer harnesses. This show is worth seeing. Our reindeers are the fastest animals, they run as quickly as the wind.

Teacher: Thank you, Necheyko. There are some interesting places to see in our village, aren’t there? Children, what would you advise to visit first of all?

Project “Our school museum” (Приложение 2)

Lyuba: I would like to invite the guests to our school museum. It is a museum of the local history and situated in a spacious room on the first floor.

The history of the museum started in 1991, when some teachers decided to organize a room with the local items. They wanted to keep traditional clothes and household articles of the Nenets people. The permanent guide of the museum is G.A. Zinchenko. She is at the same time a teacher of Mother Language and Literature.

The museum has two sections: a historical and an ethnographical one. You can learn the history of the school and of the settlement Samburg there. There are also materials about the home front toilers and warriors of Chechen and Afghanistan wars.

The ethnographical section contains many national garments, footwear, vessel, nenets toys. One can see local tundra stuffed animals and birds.
The schoolchildren come to their museum to get information about traditions and culture of the own people. A lot of guests visit it every year. Among them are our regional chiefs Yury Neyolov, Anatoly Ostryaguin and Dmitry Kobylkin.

Teacher: When inviting guests, you offer interesting activities and entertainments. Some students have advertised interesting places of Samburg in their leaflets (На экране демонстрируются рекламные тексты, учащиеся читают их друг за другом).

Project “Advertisements” (Приложение 3)

Attention, please!

All the nature lovers are invited to Samburg. You are allowed to undertake walking tour to the tundra and admire exceptional beauty of the nature. There is a good possibility to take some exclusive pictures.

Do you share a real love of the reindeer riding?

Then come to our settlement in winter. The reindeer -riding holiday is just for you! You would have a lot of fun. You are allowed top class equipment and qualified instructors.

Our school is a great place for activity holidays for 8-9 year – olds.

Would you like to attend after school activities? You can choose study rooms for indoors pursuits like clay modeling oar design national clothes. Skilful teachers can organize different activities so that you can try everything.

Welcome to the local history museum!

The local history museum represents the national exhibits including clothes, dwelling, stuffed animals. Visitors can learn about the local historical events there. There are a lot of photos of famous people.
The museum is open from 14.00 to 16.00 p.m. on weekdays.

Welcome to the national festival!

You have a good opportunity to enjoy a fantastic holiday of nomads- an annual traditional festival of reindeer breeders. Races on reindeer harnesses are especially attractive competitions.
This show is worth seeing!

There is a demonstration of fashionable and original national clothes.

VI. Итоги урока.

Teacher: Thank you, children, for your nice work. We all have learned many interesting things about our native land. I believe that you can invite foreigners to visit us. The lesson is over, see you soon.